What You will Learn with Us?

Our Academy is specialised in

  • teaching you how to obtain a calmer lifestyle

  • teaching you how to relax and get proper sleep at night

  • teaching you to create your perfect living space and surrounding

  • teaching you being a creator and not a "punshing ball" in your life

Meet The Founder

  • Sandra Saller

    Founder and Instructor

    Sandra Saller

Testimonials from happy customers

by Paige

First Step into Freedom

by Paige

Thank you Sandra for your amazing class last night, the topic was perfect for how I was feeling. I walked into your class last night extremely stressed and left feeling inspired to take my first step to freedom.
by Barbie

Great Feng Shui Course

by Barbie

I did the Feng Shui Online Course with Sandra and absolutely loved it. Sandra is such an amazing knowledgable teacher and the course is so interesting. It's so good to have a course like this available rather than learning from a book. So, if you need to, you can ask any question you have and Sandra is certainly always happy to answer them. to this day I use what I have learnt in my home. So so worth it, thank you Sandra
by Jeanette

Chakra Meditation

by Jeanette

Sandra’s meditation course proved to be exactly what I needed when I needed it. I had known for a while that I wanted to find out more about meditation and found Sandra’s details through the Facebook Meditation Tauranga page. I liked the focus on chakras in the meditations, which was also something I wanted to learn more about. Every time I walked into Sandra’s peaceful little meditation room, I could feel my body relax with pleasure, in anticipation of the time I was giving back to myself. Sandra’s approach is very open and encouraging and I really appreciated the opportunities to discuss the meditation experiences afterwards. I now have a regular meditation practice at home which is crucial to my ongoing sense of wellbeing. Thank you, Sandra, for providing a wonderful introduction to a lifetime of meditation.
by Cherie

Enhanced my Life with Feng Shui

by Cherie

Sandra's Feng Shui Course was great fun, as well as providing a wide range of topics and helpful ideas on how to enhance my living space and life in general. I have recently replaced my floor rug which looked like a hole in the floor whith a thick shaggy pile and am eagerly awaiting any surprise results ;-)