The Academy of Making Sense

Meditation is for you, it is for your Life. Meditation does not have the Purpose to become better in Meditation, it has the purpose to start a better Life. Meditation is the effortless way of bringing Sense into Your Life - so start Making Sense.

$29.50 / month

Start Making Sense - The Live Sessions

How can it be easier to set up a regular Meditation practise? Join me in my weekly live class, where you also get access to all the recordings. So you have enough to choose from and to set up your regular practise with me.

$15.50 / month

Start Making Sense - The Library

Want to get started on Your Mindfulness Meditation journey? This course will give You access to my library with a whole lot of Mindfulness Meditations to choose from. And if you feel like, you can always upgrade to include my live sessions.


A Taste of Meditation

Heard about Mindfulness and would like to give it a try? Here are 4 of my favourite meditations for you to enjoy. Find out which meditations you like best. You can already create a more balanced and serene lifestyle with only those 4 Meditations.


Basic Feng Shui

Do you sometimes have the feeling you are stuck? Do you sense your level of energy could be higher? Then maybe this Feng Shui Course is something for you. I will show you how to raise the energy levels for you, your home and ultimately for your life.