You ...

  • heard about Mindfulness and/or Meditation and would like to try it?

  • want to know whether what you heard about Meditation is true?

  • are curious how your breath can change your mood?

  • are curious how I do it?

  • are curious about Meditation in general?

Is this really working?

Here is your perfect opportunity to dive into the world of Mindfulness Meditation and find out whether it is something for you - for FREE.

Meditation is something very personal. In order to make meditation easy it is best to feel very comfortable while meditating.

A part of that is up to you – to make the time, to have a nice set up and to not be disturbed during the time of contemplation.

But there is another part which is also very important. And this is where I come into play. It helps a lot if you like the voice of the speaker, their style and their type of Meditation. This is something you won't know until you have tried.

Hence, have a look, be curious and try 4 of my Meditations, which are part of this FREE trial. 3 are for beginners to medium, 1 is more for advanced, but give it a try anyway …

And then let me know what you thought of it, how you felt while doing them. I am always happy for feedback and always happy to assist.

Is this for YOU ... ?

Do you have a minute? Check out this short video.

What you get ...

4 videos are waiting for you, with 4 Meditations in different styles and different "levels of difficulty". Every video is between 30 and 40 minutes long and they are all yours.

Session 1:

The Beach (30min, for Beginners) Enjoy and travel to a safe and serene space, where you can rest all your thoughts and feelings. Experience a meditation journey that will nourish and energise your body, mind and soul.

Session 2:

The Body Scan (45min, for Beginners) This meditation is perfect if you have issues calming down or falling asleep. This is one of the few meditations designed to enjoy while lying down. Yes, really. It will help you relax each part of your body until your whole body can let go of any tensions

Session 3:

I Create My Reality (44min, for Intermediate) Leading a life with intention and towards our goals and desires is one of our greatest needs. Let's get clear about what your greatest wishes are. And then ... let the silence clear the picture.

Session 4:

Sources of Happiness (30min, for Intermediate)  For me, Happiness is the goal of all goals. Without it ... what is the use of all the material things we are striving for at times? And from my personal experience that is exactly what happens to so many of us. We seek happiness in the outside world ... I know, it is such a cliche, but ... it is true ... happiness is an inside job. So let's look for it inside this meditation ... inside of us ... in silence and with guidance.


Mindfulness in Minutes is a 4 part video series with 10min each, where you discover how to actually become mindful in just minutes. No kidding, it is possible. Challenge me here and prove me wrong. You tried everything. I bet you didn't try these ones.

How to slow down your Life is a 2 part video series about how to slow down your life. No surprises here. But I think you will be surprised at how easy it can be ... to create space ... to take care of yourself ... your self and your needs.

Meet Your Instructor

Inspiring Transformatrix


A HUGE warm welcome and congrats.

I am so happy you found us and this course.

We have set up this Academy and the courses for you to learn, relax and grow. To share our path, the experiences, and the knowledge we have collected on the way.

All of what you find here is what we have been doing over the last two decades to find a better way of living, to heal, and to find OUR way in life. A balanced way, nourishing and leading to contentment and peace of mind.

We regard ourselves as German born citizens of the world, living in New Zealand since 2009. After I left a VERY demanding Consulting job, which brought me burn outs and different health problems, I needed to heal my "society wounds". It took me a lot of trial and this and that to finally recognise Meditation to be THE healing tool for me and it became the tool of hundreds of my clients too. After a few years in my (our) new life I can say now it was the right decision and I am absolutely sure it will help YOU on your path as well.

What I found out is that our wounds are our greatest wisdom. Our scars remind us of the path that we have already gone in the past and how far we have come. They are a gift to show us the way.
Let me show you how you can learn from your past to create a better future by simply becoming fully and completely aware of what IS in and around you …  Right NOW

Don't just take my word for it ...

... here is what my clients say!

Chakra Meditation

by Jeanette

Sandra’s meditation course proved to be exactly what I needed when I needed it.  I had known for a while that I wanted to find out more about meditation and found Sandra’s details through the Facebook Meditation Tauranga page.  I liked the focus on chakras in the meditations, which was also something I wanted to learn more about.  Every time I walked into Sandra’s peaceful little meditation room, I could feel my body relax with pleasure, in anticipation of the time I was giving back to myself.  Sandra’s approach is very open and encouraging and I really appreciated the opportunities to discuss the meditation experiences afterwards.  I now have a regular meditation practice at home which is crucial to my ongoing sense of wellbeing.  Thank you, Sandra, for providing a wonderful introduction to a lifetime of meditation.  

Depart to a new Journey

by Rachel

Hi Sandra, I just want to thank you for last night ... I have for so many years wanted to learn meditation but never had time or was right timing for me ... I nearly didn’t make it last night but I just knew I needed to go... I loved it ... I feel even today very peacefully. Usually I’m stressed brain going constantly ... I’m hooked and can’t wait to learn more next week … Thank you so much ... This is now a new journey for me ... Divine timing

I now know how to control the voices of doubt and self judgment

by Tatiana

Thank you for having me, I absolutely loved our time together! The last past weeks contributed a lot to my journey to self discovery, it definitely added more understanding of my part to aspects of my life that were left aside for quite a while and now I know how to work on it. Through our Chakra meditation I developed a skill that, as being an anxious person in the past, I never thought I would be able to: listen to myself! Its different of the conversations I have to myself daily (the busy monkey inside my head), its something much deeper, it made me feel connected to the whole and I now I understand that we are all one, connected through this infinite Universe, because I feel it, no one told me. I no longer fear having panic attacks anymore, because I know how to control the voices of doubt and self judgment that once terrorized me.

Focus on the Moment, the Now

by Katalin

I was quite new to meditation when I joined the happiness class. Sandra helped me to learn to relax and focus on the moment, the now. Be grateful for things I have, and let go negative thoughts about the past and the future. This class was exactly what I needed. I loved Sandra’s gentle voice while she guided us through the meditation journeys. Thank you for that great experience.


Frequently Asked Questions about Meditation

  • What if I can't sit cross legged for the whole Meditation?

    You don't need to sit cross legged if that is not comfortable for you. You feeling comfortable is most important. Whichever position feels right for you that is the position to choose. You should be able to sit comfortably and breathe unhindered for the time of the Meditation. Best if you sit upright (for most Meditations) your spine being straight, but still in a natural position, so that your energy can flow from head to toes and from toes back to your head.

  • Should I meditate with my eyes open or closed?

    I personally prefer to meditate with my eyes closed, as it feels much more relaxed to me. If you feel more comfortable when you still see the light, then feel free to do so. Have a gaze on an object or on a point in front of you on the ground. Some Meditation techniques work completely and only with that gaze. Completely up to you how you can relax better. Ultimately that is paramount.

  • I always have thoughts coming in. I find it hard to have no thoughts.

    That is probably one of the greatest misconceptions of modern Meditation. Especially for a beginner it is not important to have no thoughts to start with. It is more important to not attach to your thoughts. Thoughts may come, but they also go. Just like your breath comes and goes and you don't hold on to it. When a thought comes, just acknowledge it … and then let it go … like a cloud in the sky … bring your attention back to the next breath or whatever it is you are exercising with. The more you exercise this letting go, the sooner the stillness will come to you.

  • Can my children meditate?

    Absolutely yes. Most children enjoy the Meditations. It seems to come more natural to them. Even if they have problems sitting still for a certain time, they get used to it more and more every week.

  • How do I learn to meditate?

    Well, the best way to learn it is to do it. Meditation is one of those things, you can read thousand books about it, but all that is nothing compared to actually experiencing it. And to master it you have to go through the motions. Just like an athlete, you will exercise and enjoy every single time more and more, because it becomes more and more effortless. It becomes your second nature.

  • When should I meditate?

    That depends on your time schedule and your nature. Sometimes I meditate in the morning, sometimes in the evening. If you are a beginner it probably is helpful to start a daily routine at the same time. Maybe your lunch break? Your commute home (NOT when you're driving a car or a bike) or to work? Whenever you can integrate it naturally into your life, that is the way to do it. It shouldn't feel coerced, that would be against it's nature.

  • How long should I meditate?

    Well, how often would you like to meditate? I recommend to meditate on a daily basis, just because it then can be integrated into your daily routine. If you don't have a daily routine or your days vary too much, than look how you can integrate it into that. Again, it should come naturally and with joy.

  • How often should I meditate?

    Most books recommend 1 hour per day. If you are able to do that, congratulations, you are on a fabulous way. For most people 20 min per day is more realistic. You can find 20 min per day. And if you have a really hectic day, then you should even more find 20 min (maybe in the bathroom?) somewhere. If you manage to find 20 min every day, you are fast ahead of most other people. Even if on some days you only find 5 min is ok. But aim for 20 min, that is more effective. You will feel the difference. And again, if it comes natural and with joy, you will automatically begin to meditate a bit longer from time to time.

  • What is the best Meditation?

    Well, the best Meditation is the one that works for you. We are all different and we have different preferences, different routines and different lifes. We live differently and have different backgrounds. This is why there are so many different types of Meditation. Find the style that works for you, this is the best for you.

  • How do I get started? Do I need my own room?

    If you have your own room to meditate in, how wonderful, that of course is great. If not, then find a routine, a place, a surrounding that calms you down naturally and nourishes you. You can work with incense, with music, with symbols, to get you into a meditative mood. But ultimately, you can also just sit down, close your eyes, and … start meditating … and enjoy the whole process … with candles or without them.

  • What do I do when the body posture feels wrong in the Meditation or I have some itching or some flies in the room?

    When you have a distraction, there are always two ways to deal with them. First, accept them as they are and surrender to them. If you feel you can't (yet) do that, then change the posture or wipe the fly away and then just carry on. It is a bit like the thought coming in. Don't cling to it … accept it or change it … and then go back to your original task. You can choose wether to re-act to the distraction or not … that can become a Meditation on it's own.

  • I always fall asleep when I meditate.

    Check your posture. The more you slouch, the more likely you will loose concentration and fall asleep. Check your sleep as such. Are you sleep deprived? Then maybe practise some meditation first that get you into a better sleep mode. What sometimes happens in the first sessions is that at some point your head will start nodding, because your mind can't grasp what you are doing. It thinks 'oh, silence, we are sleeping', head nodding, 'oh, no, we are not. What are we doing here?' Your whole body has to get used to this 'new' state of mind. And also, our postures are not very good most of the day, so that the muscles are tight in the neck and around. We are not used to holding a straight posture anymore and the more you relax, the more likely your head will develop a 'mind of it's own'. That will disappear in most cases after just a few sessions.

  • Depression / Anxiety

    JAMA Internal Medicine found that Meditation helps heal depression and anxiety about as effectively as antidepressants.

  • Stress

    Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool available by natural means.

  • Productivity

    Just a few minutes Meditation per day can diminish stress and enables you to perform at your best level.

  • Sleep Issues

    Meditation will give you techniques and the relaxation to fall naturally asleep more easily.