Is your home supporting and nourishing you?

Is your home working FOR you and not the other way round? Working your butt off to make it work somehow?

If no, apply for your free evaluation session here.

We know you crave feeling healthier, supported and clearer in your own home.

So that you can breathe easier,

Have more space for creativity,

Feel more energised,

And create the nourishing, supportive environment you need and want for your family, health, wealth and success.

In order to do that, you need clear guidelines to get you organised that actually make your life easier and allow you to quickly respond to changes without it disrupting your day/ energy.

The problem is you've already tried managing the flow of your home (and life) by yourself.

Which secretly makes you feel stuck, overwhelmed, like a failure? You might even be worried that you are not creating the best possible home for yourself and your loved ones?

I believe it shouldn't be so hard for capable, caring humans to create a space that nourishes & supports you and your family in the kind of life you really want to live. This would allow you to get much clearer on choices and ultimately make healthier decisions.

We understand how difficult it is to create a harmonious home when you’re already busy with the day-to, especially if you have experienced any recent changes in your life, identity, or self-concept.

This is why you might still feel not “at home” in your home and are not getting anywhere with everything you have tried so far.

If you are interested in learning more about the Space Creator's way (with Feng Shui) book your evaluation call with me HERE NOW so we can look at your situation together.

Why this Mastermind is for you ...

During my work with hundreds of clients and students in Europe and New Zealand, I discovered that most of them share at least one of the following challenges:

  • They are feeling disorganised
  • They have no space of their own
  • Their home doesn't feel right, maybe they even feel embarrassed or at least not proud to invite people into their home
  • It is not possible to recharge in their own home, it doesn’t feel supportive or nourishing
  • Their relationships are  suffering or are challenging
  • There is not enough time to get everything done
  • They wonder if their lack of organisation is affecting their (mental) health & wellness
  • They are stressed with the change process, AND
  • They feel that they are not enough

Does any of this resonate?
If yes, apply for your free evaluation sessions here.

Imagine there is a framework that can bring you from your personal challenges to ...

  • Feeling proud of your home space
  • Providing a nourishing supportive home for yourself and the whole family
  • Feeling centred in Your home
  • Successfully creating space and time for yourself, health, career and family
  • Freedom, Choice, and Awareness → bringing you relief for your Mental Health
  • It feels easier to take care of yourself
  • Making decisions with ease & acting upon your wishes in time
  • Knowing what you want & what is important

In short, the knowledge and guidance that you discover inside the Space CreatorVerse will move you from feeling "quite ok", "meh" or even chaotic in your home" to being proud, productive, feeling nourished and supported.

Let me guide you on a path of finding your direction, finding your vision, dissolving your obstacles, finding your priorities and therefore finding your (and your family's) individual space

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What is the Space CreatorVerse?

In the Space CreatorVerse you will go through different stages to create your personal outcomes:

  1. Awareness and Learning
  2. Planning and Evaluation
  3. Change and Implementation
  4. Living the new energy and identity

But let Sandra explain more about it in your personal call that you can book HERE ...

Sandra about the Space CreatorVerse

Curious about Sandra? Have a look ...

So What's the Goal?

The goal is to create a home where you really want to live in. 

Going through the 4 stages you will 

  1. raise your individual Awareness, check in with your personal challenges around your home, and you will dive into our Feng Shui Knowledge Center inside this Academy.
  2. get into your individual Planning and Evaluation of your NEW home, work with your floor plan, and create a "plan of attack".
  3. step forward into the big Change and Implementation part, or maybe find you a new home (if you want to buy something else).
  4. live the new Energy and enjoy your, maybe, new Identity.

You will have created your NEW space/home/house/apartment that works FOR you (with the sleep you want, the support you want, the space you want) and that makes you feel proud, clear, relaxed, and ready to take on the new day with ease and joy every day. 

Apply for your free evaluation session HERE.

Don't just trust my word ...

Look what my wonderful clients say ...

What's in it for you ...

  • 4 months intensive full support package

  • In depth evaluation session to find out where you are right now and where you want to be in 4 months time

  • Individual Road Map for the 4 months with weekly goals depending on your objective, outlining how to deal with the 4 modules, what to do when, your preferences & your goals

  • 4 Modules for self-study on-demand via video (#1 Basic Feng Shui, #2 External Flow, #3 Internal Flow, #4 Alignment Feng Shui)

  • Biweekly live Group Q&A sessions (1,5h)

  • Nurturing 1-1 Support to personalise your plan

  • Exclusive monthly 1:1 coaching sessions (e.g. video analysis of the floor plan, questions regarding the content of the video, what actions to take etc)

  • Monthly (and optional, as-needed weekly) check-in and accountability

  • Full access to look into my way of doing the Feng Shui: Want to see my protocol when I move into a new place? My monthly/daily analysis of how to plan? My journal entries?

  • Full and unlimited email support with Sandra

But wait ... there is more

  • 24/7 access to all videos in our Academy

  • 24/7 access to our community platform where you can raise questions, answer questions, discuss with others, exchange and chat

  • Of course access to all of the recordings of ALL your group Zoom sessions

  • Additional Zoom sessions with experts around the topic home/house (plan, build, live)

  • Bonus Meditation sessions for a focused Mindset

More client praise ...

First Class Feng Shui Course

by Kim

I attended the Basic Feng Shui course with Sandra recently over Zoom. The information and delivery of the information in the course was first class and has inspired me to take this further and find out more!
I thoroughly recommend Sandra if you are interested in exploring this fascinating subject.
Very highly recommended

Can't wait to declutter my stuff

by Katherine

I just finished watching Sandra's Feng Shui recording and loved it – I am so excited to start clearing the clutter of stuff I have held onto which is no longer what I want or need in my life anymore – and start with a fresh look at what I have around me – to inspire me, to bring new and positive things into my life!!
Yee haa!!
I know it works - as a couple of years ago I cut out all these pictures of the National Parks in the USA I really wanted to visit and made a collage… it literally brought it to life and I had the opportunity to travel to exactly where I wanted to go.

Sandra is an amazing and knowledgable teacher

by Barbie

I did the Feng Shui Online Course with Sandra and absolutely loved it. Sandra is such an amazing knowledgeable teacher and the course is so interesting. It's so good to have a course like this available rather than learning from a book.
So, if you need to, you can ask any question you have and Sandra is certainly always happy to answer them. To this day I use what I have learnt in my home.
So so worth it, thank you Sandra

Ok, let's talk about Money

You can put a price tag on a new house, renovating, real estate agents, lawyers, builders, reports, etc. But can you put a price tag on being stressed, overwhelmed, uneasy relationships, and more??

  • When you'll buy a house you need things like a LIM report and/or a builders report, a lawyer, new furnishing (maybe), moving company, fixing things at the new home, maybe higher rates and/or home insurances. What will this cost? Let's say around NZ$25k - NZ$75k, depending on the new house, where it is, etc.

  • When you sell your house first, you have to pay the Real Estate Agency. Current average house price in NZ is NZ$850k (REINZ, 08/2021). That's something between 2% - 4.5% (NZ$17k - NZ$42k)

  • When you want to renovate your home, you’ll have costs for e.g. an architect, council, interior designer, builders. The costs depend on your ideas/necessities … Estimates between NZ$10K and NZ$”The Sky is Your Limit” …

The Investment for YOUR Transformation!

You can start anytime and for the moment this is the Early Bird Price. Take your chance.

You can choose between a one time payment and a 4 month payment plan.

This price will go up in June for sure. Once we are in full steam it will be so amazing.

As an early bird you not only have the option of the discount, but due to the smaller groups in the beginning, you have me nearly exclusive to yourself in every call. We will have the chance to dive really deep, right from the beginning. How does that make you feel?

Let Me and Feng Shui Be Your Guide

The Joyful Ninja of Flow

Sandra Saller

A HUGE warm welcome and congratulations.

I am so happy you found me and this page.

This Academy and the courses were set up for YOU to discover how to relax and grow - and also for us to share the path, the experiences and the knowledge we have collected on the way.

All of what you find here is what we have been developing over the last two decades to find a better way of living, to heal, to thrive and to find OUR unique way in life.
A balanced way, nourishing us, leading to contentment and peace of mind.

After I left a VERY demanding Consulting job, which brought me burnouts and various health problems, I needed to heal my "society wounds". It took me a lot of trial and this and that to finally recognise Feng Shui to be THE tool for me to analyse and diagnose my current state of being. Consequently, this also became the tool for hundreds of my clients too.
After a few years in my (our) new life I can now say, it was the right decision and I am absolutely sure it will help YOU on your path as well.

What I found, is that our wounds contain our greatest wisdom.
Our scars remind us of the path we already mastered and how far we have come.
They are a gift to show us the way.

Let me show you how you can learn from your past to create a better future by simply becoming fully and completely aware of what IS in and around you …

Right NOW

The Investment for YOUR Transformation!

You can start anytime and for the moment this is the Early Bird Price. Take your chance.

You can choose between a one time payment and a 4 month payment plan.

This price will go up in June for sure. Once we are in full steam it will be so amazing.

As an early bird you not only have the option of the discount, but due to the smaller groups in the beginning, you have me nearly exclusive to yourself in every call. We will have the chance to dive really deep, right from the beginning. How does that make you feel?