Do you feel ...

  • not centred?

  • out of balance?

  • simply not yourself?

  • out of energy?

  • exhausted?

  • empty?

  • can’t sleep?

  • your mind keeps chatting constantly?

If you answered just one of those questions with “YES” it's time to make some changes.

Most of us lead a stressful life

So many people want something from us ... our time, our money, our attention, our energy. 

We sometimes feel so overwhelmed, we don't know where to go and what to do to find peace of mind or even just a bit of time for ourselves

How would you feel if you could ...

  • sleep deeply again every night,

  • wake up refreshed,

  • start the day full of energy,

  • enjoy your life to the fullest,

  • find the joy in everything you do,

  • lead a balanced life,

  • be at the centre of your life and therefore able to fulfil your (and maybe also somebody elses) dreams.

Why this program is for you ...

  • You learn how to calm your mind and balance your thoughts, so your mind can stop much faster with its constant chatter.
  • Calming down your mind and body will make you sleep easier and better
  • You get to know yourself better and find out where your imbalances are, so you are able to your true self.
  • A combination of relaxation meditation, little journeys and affirmation meditation will give you deeper insight into your wishes, your talents, your needs and your passion.
  • You will have a much calmer attitude in general, so you can respond in critical situations rather than re-act.
  • You get to know different styles of Mindful Meditation, so that after the course you have clarity about what type of meditation is for you

Curious about 8 Weeks of Mindfulness Meditation?

See what Sandra (your Instructor) has to say about it ...

How you will transform

Let me invite you to 8 weeks of transformational Mindfulness Meditation (and it is not just for beginners), where I will guide you through 8 different meditation sessions. 

I will teach you how to energise, strengthen and balance your inner core with the wonderful tool of Meditation. The more you train your mind to become balanced and clear again, the sooner you will achieve this, and the sooner your life will become calm and effortless too.

In our time togethe