Do you feel ...

  • not centred?

  • out of balance?

  • simply not yourself?

  • out of energy?

  • exhausted?

  • empty?

  • can’t sleep?

  • your mind keeps chatting constantly?

If you answered just one of those questions with “YES” it's time to make some changes.

How about 8 wonderful and mindful Meditations for you to practise at your own pace at home or wherever you are?

How would you feel if you could ...

  • sleep deeply again every night,

  • wake up refreshed,

  • start the day full of energy,

  • enjoy your life to the fullest,

  • find the joy in everything you do,

  • lead a balanced life,

  • be at the centre of your life and therefore able to fulfil your (and maybe also somebody elses) dreams.

Why this is for you ...

  • You learn how to calm your mind and balance your thoughts, so your mind can stop much faster with its constant chatter.
  • Calming down your mind and body will make you sleep easier and better
  • You get to know yourself better and find out where your imbalances are, so you are able to your true self.
  • A combination of relaxation meditation, little journeys and affirmation meditation will give you deeper insight into your wishes, your talents, your needs and your passion.
  • You will have a much calmer attitude in general, so you can respond in critical situations rather than re-act.
  • You get to know different styles of Mindful Meditation, so that after the course you have clarity about what type of meditation is for you

Curious about 8 Weeks of Mindfulness Meditation?

See what Sandra (your Instructor) has to say about it ...

How you will transform

Let me invite you to 8 weeks of transformational Mindfulness Meditation (and it is not just for beginners), where I will guide you through 8 different meditation sessions. 

I will teach you how to energise, strengthen and balance your inner core with the wonderful tool of Meditation. The more you train your mind to become balanced and clear again, the sooner you will achieve this, and the sooner your life will become calm and effortless too.

In our time together, you will experience breathing exercises, body awareness techniques, little journeys, Mantra and Affirmation Meditations. As you keep up this Meditation practise your energy begins to flow freely in its natural state. This not only clears away the obsolete habits and conditioning in your life, it also structures new patterns of thoughts and behaviour, those that you choose and want.

Over these 8 sessions, you will learn to connect with your breath and your body again. This will trigger a harmonious flow of energy in your body, a powerful current that will guide, transform, and awaken you and guide you to balance and strength which will also improve your immune system.

Week 1
Mindfulness of the Breath & A guided meditation with a journey to discover your safe place.

Week 2
Mindfulness of the Breath & A guided meditation where you explore points in your body (
this exercise brings you focus and helps you stopping the mind chatter)

Week 3
Mindfulness of the Breath & Short Visualisation & A guided journey through your body to release (
can be done lying down and helps you into a faster and deeper sleep)

Week 4
Mindfulness of the Breath & Short Visualisation & A guided Meditation to find compassion for yourself

Week 5
Mindfulness of the Body & A guided Meditation with a journey to a safe place, using a Sanskrit Mantra to find your focus

Week 6
Mindfulness of the Body & A guided journey to equanimity (
extremely effective for anxiety and sleep issues)

Week 7
Breath Awareness Exercise & A guided Meditation to a core quality of freedom, using a Sanskrit Mantra to find your focus

Week 8
Breath Awareness Exercise & A guided Meditation to another core quality of freedom, using a Sanskrit Mantra to find your focus & Awareness Exercise of Letting Go

Create some precious “me time” for yourself and feel into your own energy. Get to know yourself better and find out where your strengths and your weaknesses sit.

Learn how to rest into your breath and let me guide you to a place of serenity and calm … to a peaceful mindset …

Meet Your Instructor

Inspiring Transformatrix


A HUGE warm welcome and congrats.

I am so happy you found us and this course.

We have set up this Academy and the courses for you to learn, relax and grow. To share our path, the experiences, and the knowledge we have collected on the way.

All of what you find here is what we have been doing over the last two decades to find a better way of living, to heal, and to find OUR way in life. A balanced way, nourishing and leading to contentment and peace of mind.

We regard ourselves as German born citizens of the world, living in New Zealand since 2009. After I left a VERY demanding Consulting job, which brought me burn outs and different health problems, I needed to heal my "society wounds". It took me a lot of trial and this and that to finally recognise Meditation to be THE healing tool for me and it became the tool of hundreds of my clients too. After a few years in my (our) new life I can say now it was the right decision and I am absolutely sure it will help YOU on your path as well.

What I found out is that our wounds are our greatest wisdom. Our scars remind us of the path that we have already gone in the past and how far we have come. They are a gift to show us the way.
Let me show you how you can learn from your past to create a better future by simply becoming fully and completely aware of what IS in and around you …  Right NOW

What participants say

about their transformation and how it changed their lifes

I absolutely love what you do

by Barbie

I absolutely love what you do and that is why I come back.  You are so genuine and so passionate about what you do, that really shines through.  I absolutely love the chakra meditation, I really like how there is always an image in each one (ie in the sacral chakra you got us to visualise the waterfall of light etc...). I find that giving people a visual image while meditating helps getting in that quite place even better. 

Love, love, love the journeys

by Trish

I love Sandra's meditations. Love how they flow from the breathwork through to the relaxation and release of the body, to the journeys. Love, love, love the journeys. I do struggle with the silence as I have always been drawn to meditations with music, but embrace the difficulty as a good learning tool to be able to be more in my authentic self.

Meditation without being a very alternative/"hippie" experience


I went to Sandra’s advanced meditation classes, and really enjoyed it.  I am interested in meditation as a way to improve peace of mind, and enhance mindfulness, without being very alternative/wanting a “hippie” experience!  Sandra provides just that. She is interested in a number of meditation methods, and it is so relaxing. I loved the peaceful home atmosphere, and being welcomed as a friend with a big hug every week! I would recommend Meditation Tauranga to anyone.