What it is about ...

Have you noticed the change in energy? 

  • Would you like to focus on your own energy more?
  • Do you need more time and space in a good energetic space?
  • Would you like to be more aware of what is actually your energy and what isn't yours? (And know how to get rid of it?)
  • Would you like to practise more Reiki?
  • To practise Reiki with like-minded people?
  • To go from the chaos around (and maybe in) you to calm and clear on a regular basis?
  • Are you maybe even lacking focus? Are afraid of making decisions? Procrastinating necessary action?
  • Something is holding you back but you can’t say what it is?

Some of us even haven’t thought about this or haven’t asked these questions. But raising these questions and becoming aware of the state of being you are in is already the first step to making the change for the better.

What if I told you the solution isn’t that far away or isn’t that hard. You are not the only one with that problem. Others have changed their patterns and behaviour for the better before you. Would you like to follow in their footsteps?

Why this Mastermind is for you ...

But first, what is a Mastermind? 

A Mastermind is formed by a group of people with the same interest who want to deepen their knowledge and move forward. There will be teaching and practising, but the strength lies in the power of the group, peer to peer mentoring, teaching and helping each other. The swarm intelligence of a like-minded group is near unbeatable. So let's use the power of lifting each other up, of passing on the candles to bring light to all of us. 

One thing we need to internalise before we go out and change the world is we first have to be clear with and inside ourselves. Wouldn't you say so too? 

Sometimes we stand too close to the wall to see the big picture. It helps to be in a community with other like-minded people and get feedback, inspiration and direction. 

You already know and have experienced what REIKI is all about ... come and experience it again. 

Experience it, feel it, enjoy it. 

We begin the path with a one on one session to first find out where you are now and how you got there before we start finding how to get you where you want to be. 

Let me guide you on a path of finding your direction, finding your vision, dissolving your obstacles, finding your priorities and therefore finding your individual path in life with Reiki.

Sandra about this Reiki Mastermind

Curious about me? Have a look ...

What you get ...

This is for Students of my lineage and all lineages. No matter where and when you attained your Reiki level, you are welcome. 

Students of my lineage will receive a voucher for the first month free though. 

Book your next step call with me to see if we are a match and we will be both clear about what to achieve with this Mastermind. Use this link HERE

There are 3 ways to work with me: 

1) the monthly membership BASIC. With bespoke biweekly group sessions and one 1-on-1 exclusive session with me per month. 

2) the monthly membership PRO, which is the BASIC membership PLUS coaching for you if you want to set up your own Reiki practice. 

3) the 3-month NEXT LEVEL package, which is 1) or 2) PLUS your personal coaching to get you to your next level of Reiki. 

Which is the one you need? Let's find out in the call with me. 

In this Reiki Mastermind, we will practise Reiki together and use a combination of powerful meditations with teaching and personal coaching

If you happen to need more material for your studies, let me know in our next step call and we will encompass this in your Road Map. 

This will not only bring you clarity about your path to come, but also show you all your strengths, all your skills and all the wisdom you have acquired so far. 

We will meet on a regular basis and feel into the goals and directions we have set for you personally to see if they are still valid or have changed. 

Awareness and Intuition are the key here, as well as your individual path with this beautiful energy called Reiki. 

YOU need to find and walk YOUR own path. But I can guide you on the way.

So again, if you are still on the fence, book your next step call with me to see if we are a match and use this link HERE.

All of this is currently online only via Zoom and email at the moment. 

Depending on how fast we grow we might split the Mastermind up into sections according to different Reiki Levels.

What's in it for you ...

  • In depth evaluation session to find out where you are right now and where you want to be in your own time frame

  • biweekly group meetings (1,5h) to deepen a certain topic and to practise as a group

  • monthly 1on1 sessions for private teachings and to adjust goals if necessary

  • full access via email to work with Sandra intensively on certain topics and for questions

  • weekly check-ins about your goals and achievements

  • monthly evaluation of where you are at with your plan

  • the power of group energy, guiding you on your path, cheering you on, lifting each other

When and where ...

We meet every second week online via Zoom for our group meeting (1,5h) where we practise Reiki, each depending on their Levels. We will set up a topic for the session and I can guide you into an aware and calm state before the self-healing.

The first members of the Mastermind get to determine day and time together with me of course. It can be the same day and time or two different days or times, whatever suits the participants. 

You are definitely encouraged to swap Reiki with another Mastermind Member (distant or hands-on) as often as possible, to stay in your beautiful high vibration. 

Once per month you can schedule a private hour for a topic you would like to deepen with me. This can be Reiki Teaching related, setting up your Reiki Practice or for private reasons. For any further private session with me, you will get a discounted rate as a Mastermind Member. 

Course Material for your Level will be available and we will set up a library of material and videos which you find to be helpful for your studies. . 

I would love to see you there and guide you on this path of transformation. 

How do you feel about this?

Oh, by the way ... who is me anyway?

Your Guide

Reiki Master / Teacher

Sandra Saller

Hello and Welcome,

I am so happy you found me and want to deepen your connection with Reiki.

Maybe you also noticed the changes in energies (not just) lately.

How does that make you feel?

What I noticed is that in my 20 years of Reiki Practice my (and not only my) Reiki has changed, deepened, intensified and became clearer.

By practising other modalities it became clearer and clearer to me what and where it is happening. I realised what are my energies and what are other peoples stuff that I (or my clients or students) have taken on - and consequently how to let them go.

My Meditation and Chakra work were immensely helpful to create a really strong teaching and I hope you are up for that.

Take me by the word and book a "Next Step Call" with me to see if we are a match and how we feel about energy work in general.

I am sincerely looking forward to that.

Big hug, Sandra

Your Possibilities

Choose the BASIC version to deepen your personal practise. Or choose the PRO version which includes coaching for your Reiki Business.