Sandra's Live Training from 06th of October

In case you missed it... Please check out the recording below.

You can download the Workbook here feng-shui-gua-workbook.pdf

Any of These Sound Familiar?

Since the "invention" of lockdowns a lot of things are going on. The house prices exploded, a lot of people are stuck in their home, feeling the pressure of juggling WfH (work from home), teaching their children, and so much more ...

  • We just need a new house with one more bedroom in a nice neighbourhood. Easy… Yeah, nah …

  • I am drowning in my clutter and it's getting worse

  • I am stressed out as soon as I leave my bed in the morning

  • I don't know ... should I move to another place?

  • Since we are in this new house, I can’t get proper sleep and feel drained the whole time …

  • Not another open home. We’re looking for a new home for too long and all over the place …

  • Let’s just renovate everything and it’ll be better …

  • Lockdown changed EVERYTHING… How can I live AND work in my home without messy mess

What is this "Alignment Feng Shui " Program with Sandra all about?

If you answered just one of those questions with “YES” it's time to make some changes.

So many people believe they need a new house, a bigger house, a flash house to have a better life - especially in the current "lockdown age". So many of us make the mistake of over-thinking and buying into myths around the housing market and Feng Shui ... buying crystals, making costly renovations, having some weird animals standing in the living room.

We have believed the myth that in order to become happy we have to have a house like those in the magazines. And once we have that house, then we will be happy. Right?

Yeah, nah ... But what if you could have the same results by having a SIMPLE SYSTEM in place?

Knowing what works for you and what doesn't?

Making smaller changes to re-align your home with your goals and dreams. Knowing what to do where to enhance your health, wealth and to have better relationships. And maybe you find out that you really need a different home but you would then know what to look for and what you need to be different.

How does that sound to you?

Interesting, right?

Would you like to ...

Finally align and design your home in a way that you run it and not the other way round ...

  • create the home you and your family want and deserve

  • have the clarity to make the right decisions

  • increase your energy and motivation

  • have a nurturing home that supports your health, wealth and relationships

  • reduce stress and anxiety in your life

Look what my lovely clients have to say about me ...

What's in it for you ...

This Alignment Feng Shui Online Course consists of 4 LIVE modules and will provide you with all you need to know about creating an alignment of your goals and dreams with your home.  I will show you the why and, most importantly, the how.

The VIP Tickets will get special treatment, of course, after all, it is VIP 😊 ... Every personal video session with you will last for about an hour and we will use Zoom ... time and date are for you to choose (subject to availability) … a booking tool will be provided inside the course in the student section. 


Module 1 Exterior Feng Shui (Landforms, Rivers & Mountains)

  • What makes a good property?
  • How to place the house on the land?
  • Location, Location, Location

Module 2 More Fundamental Understanding of Feng Shui 

  • 5 Elements
  • 8 Trigrams
  • The Bagua

Module 3 Interior Feng Shui (Buildings, Forms, Rooms)

  • What makes a good Floor Plan?
  • How to use the Floor Plan as a Vision Board
  • Relationship, Health & Wealth - how to support those

Module 4 People & Feng Shui

  • Identifying the personal Life Palaces
  • Identifying Prosperity Blocks
  • Using Feng Shui for your personal goals

As this is a BRAND NEW COURSE you will be one of the FOUNDING members. This gives you a great opportunity because we will "tweak" the course on its way so that it will suit every single one of you in perfection, which in return helps me create a course with extremely effective content. 

This is also the reason why I have just  4 VIP Tickets available. There needs to be space and time for all of you to succeed. 

We will work intensively with your property and floor plan to get you the right inputs for your individual home. AND there will be homework, of course ... 😉

Are you still up for it? Good!

Do you Want to Align Your Home with the Life you want and deserve?

Get ready for a journey towards your goals and dreams ...

Meet Your Instructor

The Joyful Ninja of Flow


A HUGE warm welcome and congrats.

I am so happy you found us and this course.

We have set up this Academy and the courses for you to learn, relax and grow. To share our path, the experiences, and the knowledge we have collected on the way.

All of what you find here is what we have been doing over the last two decades to find a better way of living, to heal, and to find OUR way in life. A balanced way, nourishing and leading to contentment and peace of mind.

We regard ourselves as German-born citizens of the world, living in New Zealand since 2009. After I left a VERY demanding Consulting job, which brought me burnouts and different health problems, I needed to heal my "society wounds". It took me a lot of trials and this and that to finally recognise Feng Shui to be THE tool for me to analyse and diagnose my current state of being. After a few years in my (our) new life, I can say now it was the right decision and I am absolutely sure it will help YOU on your path as well.

What I found out is that our wounds are our greatest wisdom. Our scars remind us of the path that we have already gone in the past and how far we have come. They are a gift to show us the way.
Let me show you how you can learn from your past to create a better future by simply becoming fully and completely aware of what IS in and around you …  Right NOW

Don't just take my word for it ...

... this is what my students say

Sandra is an amazing and knowledgable teacher

by Barbie

I did the Feng Shui Online Course with Sandra and absolutely loved it. Sandra is such an amazing knowledgable teacher and the course is so interesting. It's so good to have a course like this available rather than learning from a book. So, if you need to, you can ask any question you have and Sandra is certainly always happy to answer them. To this day I use what I have learnt in my home. So so worth it, thank you Sandra

Helpful Ideas

by Cherie

Sandra's Feng Shui Course was great fun, as well as providing a wide range of topics and helpful ideas on how to enhance my living space and life in general. I have recently replaced my floor rug which looked like a hole in the floor whith a thick shaggy pile and am eagerly awaiting any surprise results ;-)

Ok, let's talk about Money

You can put a price tag on a new house, renovating, real estate agents, lawyers, builders, reports, etc. But can you put a price tag on being stressed, overwhelmed, uneasy relationships, and more??

  • When you'll buy a house you need things like a LIM report and/or a builders report, a lawyer, new furnishing (maybe), moving company, fixing things at the new home, maybe higher rates and/or home insurances. What will this cost? Let's say around NZ$25k - NZ$75k, depending on the new house, where it is, etc.

  • When you sell your house first, you have to pay the Real Estate Agency. Current average house price in NZ is NZ$850k (REINZ, 08/2021). That's something between 2% - 4.5% (NZ$17k - NZ$42k)

  • When you want to renovate your home, you’ll have costs for e.g. an architect, council, interior designer, builders. The costs depend on your ideas/necessities … Estimates between NZ$10K and NZ$”The Sky is Your Limit” …

Align Your Home with Your Goals and Dreams

You will learn the basic knowledge of Feng Shui. You have my full support in the process. You will take action and transform your home into your vision board. You will get more clarity about your goals and dreams and how to achieve that.

- All teachings will be Live via Zoom
- Workbooks for every module
- Homework for you (and probably also for me)

Let's Recap

After You Joined Alignment Feng Shui You will get Access to a Life Changing LIVE Course

  • The 4 Essential LIVE Training Modules every home owner needs to create more clarity and her/his very own Feng Shui vision board!

  • Workbooks, Exercises, Tips/Tricks & Examples in every LIVE module to help you better understand the possibilities you create with Feng Shui!

  • 1 hr of individual Feng Shui Consulting for the fast decision makers!

  • A Great Teacher with over 18 years Experience in Feng Shui and Consulting

  • And much, much More


Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the course and can I start right now?

    The course "Alignment Feng Shui" takes 4 sessions.
    As you purchased the VIP Ticket, you can start anytime (subject to my availability).

  • Will there be extra personal coaching(s) available?

    Yes, as a Member of the Academy you can purchase extra coaching hours at a discounted rate
    If you sign up quick enough (next 48 hours) you will get 1 hour of personal coaching for free.

  • What's the refund policy?

    What if I don't like it?
    Do I get my money back?
    No, sorry, if you are already now looking for a way out of it, then it is not for you. I need you to commit. We really go deep and we really want to see the changes for the better happening. There is always room to add value, I am really approachable, but you need to be coachable.
    If in doubt, please book a complimentary Clarity Call with me and we find out if it is meant for you or not. Maybe you need something completely different.

Do you Want to Align Your Home with the Life you want and deserve?

Get ready for a journey towards your goals and dreams ...